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Aladdin Model 4 Lamp Sold from September 1912 through August 1913

Aladdin model 4 table lamp
Model 4 table lamp

Model 4 font lamp


Except for the change in the generator, the Aladdin model 4 lamp seems to be primarily a marketing upgrade from model 3 as the lamps are virtually identical.

At first glance at the wick adjuster knob to the left it appears to be a to reversion to the disk used in models 1, 1 and 2-3 transition. While the labeling is the same a close comparison shows that the centre attachment is different. Very early versions of this knob did not have the indentation at the centre. It was flat.

The model 4 generator marks a return to the generic Plume and Atwood generator that they were manufacturing for several mantle lamp marketing companies at the time.

Aladdin held the patent for the gallery and Kone Kap mantle and all the other parts were made under P&A patents.


The earliest model 4 burners did not have the indent  for the end of the shaft end that the common model 4 burner has.  These might be reworked model 3 burners.



Aladdin parlor lamp
Model 4 parlor lamp

Aladdin model 4 knob


Aladdin model 4 oil pot
Model 4 oil pot


Aladdin student lamp
Model 4 student lamp


Table - Finish: satin brass, or Nickel plated
Font (Wall mount & hanging, several model 4 only hangers plus earlier hangers) - Finish: Polished brass, satin brass or Nickel plated
Parlor - Finish: Old English or JAP Bronze
Student lamp - Finish: Old English
Oil pot
- Finish: satin brass
Transition (very early lamps) - Early model 4 lamps have been found with model 3 box galleries (Model No 3 inside a box). Also very early burners had wick adjuster knobs that did not show the outlines of the shaft attachment.


Bug screen: None
wick cleaner: 3 prong style, possibly with unlabeled top. A wick cleaner is referenced in the model 4 lamp instruction manual.
Shade ring: Parlor - generic P&A with shade ring. Others - Same as model 6
Shades: table - 201 (white opal), hanging - 203 (white opal dome), 205, 206 Parlor - 201 or 204 (green cased glass)
Chimney: Heelless globe type (rounded bulge near base), crest logo

Aladdin model 4 burner

The model 4 burner shares the burner base construction, air distributor, wick holder and gallery shape with the model 3. The only REAL change is the flame spreader.

This particular burner had the side cut open at some time for a wick raiser repair.

Aladdim model 4 gallery Aladdin model 4 dist.

The model 4 flame spreader is the first of the 'thimble' flame spreaders. Except for the number on top and minor changes to the holes along the top side this flame spreader remains basically the same through model 6.

This generator was stronger than the model 3 generator.  The diagonal slots in the #3 generator were easily distorted if a strong twisting force was needed to extract it.

The model 4 gallery is the same as the model 3 gallery except for the labeling. Note there is a Beacon gallery labeled "Model No. 4" See  the Caution note at the bottom of this page.

Only the model 3 and 4 galleries had a model number stamped on the side. Stamped on the model 4 gallery was: "MODEL No. 4 PATS APL'D FOR"

The two piece air distributor is identical on models 3, 4 and early 5.

Aladdin model 4 inner tube

The groove in the inner wick tube that serves as the seat for the flame spreader changed for model 4. The top of the groove is a sharp bend but the lower edge of the bend is more gradual. There are now three holes in the inner wick tube just above the collar. Presumably this is to help equalize air pressure inside the bowl and allow the wick to flow kerosene better.

The model 4 hanging font has a 1-1/2 qt capacity and appears identical to the model 1 font except for the foot and the burner threads. The chimes are still the narrow chimes used in earlier fonts. My guess would be that the tooling for the bowl top was modified for the burner threads at model 3 and used through model 6. The bottom bowl half tooling appears to have remained the same from model 1 through model 4.

Aladdin model 1 through 6 used a filler cap with a flower pattern on top. There were two varieties, vented, with a hole in the centre top and unvented.

Models 1 through early 5 lamps with slotted burners used the vented cap.  late model 5 and model 6 screen burners used the non vented type.

Aladdin lamp smoke bell

The foot used on the model 4 hanging font has 18 oval holes, and 2 tabs along the base for mounting the base plate.  The additional metal between the slots made the skirt stronger and less prone to bending.  This foot is identical to the foot used on model 5 and early model 6 hanging fonts, and with the tabs removed would be identical to the late model 6 hanging font foot. The model 3 foot has 23 holes.

The bottom plate is mounted to the foot by two tabs and a lock screw. The lock screw is shaped like an open flower. The bottom plate used on a model 4 is identical to the bottom plate used on model 5 and early model 6 hanging fonts. The nickel plated one on the left is an early model 6 plate and the one on the right is a model 4 plate.

Smoke bell was used on all hanging lamps from model 1 through 6.  The chandelier lamps used a different smoke bell.
NOTE: These have been reproduced in brass. The original Aladdin smoke bells are made from a non-magnetic nickel Iron alloy.

Aladdin lamp fonts

Model 4 (right) and model 5 (left) font base comparison. Both 1-1/2 qt fonts use the same 18 hole skirt and are identical except for the ribbing along the base of the model 5 font. The ribbing is the diagnostic between these two fonts.

Aladdin lamp feet

Early Model 6 1 qt font (top) and model 4 1-1/2 qt font (bottom) base comparison. Both fonts use identical bottom skirts. The model 6 font base, while being ribbed, has fewer ribs than the 1-1/2 qt model 5 font.

Model 4 hanging lamp, style 113 uses the 205 or an art glass 206 shade (205 shade mounted). This lamp uses an adjustable draft tube which carries an Aladdin patent. This tube allowed the chimney air flow length to be extended for higher altitudes. Hangers with draft tubes were an option for higher altitude burning through early model 6 lamps. The finish is scratched brass. This lamp was priced half way between the more common store lamp and style 113 to the right.

Model 4 single chandelier, style 113. This lamp style uses the 205 shade only. This style was advertised for both model 3 and 4.  These are very rare and were sold for twice the cost of the more common #4 store lamp.  Original finish is old gold for the brass parts and ebony black for the cast iron bits.

The adjustable draft tube of a model 3 chandelier has 8 vent holes around the draft tube near the base, a visible vertical seam and 10 vent holes where the shade attaches. The model 4, 5, 6 and 23 (student lamp) draft tubes have 16 vent holes where the shade attaches plus 12 on the lower side of the tube and no visible seam.


Aladdin model 4 narrow frame lamp

Aladdin narrow frame hanging lamp with the art glass206 shade. This shade has been reproduced in very small numbers

A narrow frame hanger with the late style lamp mounting ring. Most narrow frame hangers have the earlier style implying that the new ring was introduced near the end of the model 4 production run.

Aladdin 206 shade
206 art glass shade

Aladdin model 4 narrow frame
Aladdin model 3 ring latch Aladdin model 3 hanging ring

The pictures above show the latch used on the hanging lamp bottom ring for the model 2 through most of model 4.  The model 1 used a different latch and a different latch was introduced late in model 4 production. The Aladdin wall mounting brackets used the same pattern on the ring as the hanging lamps.

Aladdin model 4 oil pot

The model 4 oil pot is the industry standard oil pot size and fits all lamps that take standard oil pots. It was sold as an upgrade from competitor's oil pots. The model 6 floor lamp was the first Aladdin product that used an oil pot. This lamp has a non original model 6 gallery.

Student lamp student lamp filler

To date Aladdin has only made two student lamps. The first is the model 4. The second is a model 23 designed to look like the earlier model 4 lamp. The external reservoir on the model 23 student lamp is not functional.

The model 4 student lamp has a removable external reservoir as shown. You remove it from the lamp for filling. The pin at the bottom seals the reservoir while it is out of the lamp.

Kerosene flows from the external reservoir to the reservoir under the burner through the connecting tubing and a passage way through the ball connector.

Aladdin model 4 student lamp tank
Looking down into the kerosene tank of a model 4 student lamp. Note small hole near bottom for kerosene to flow to burner tank

Aladdin model 4 student lamp burner
Model 4 student lamp burner with model 6 gallery

Aladdin model 4 student lamp valve
flow valve of Aladdin model 4 student lamp



Aladdin parlor lamp

Aladdin sold parlor lamps from model 1 through model 4

Two glass shades were available for the parlor lamps. Model 1 and 2 parlor lamps used the 202 artichoke shade as used in cased green over white only. Model 3 and 4 used the 204 eight panel cased green shade. I do not believe these shades were used on any other Aladdin lamps.

The Aladdin parlor lamps used a P&A three armed ringed shade holder. There was an outside ring for the shade to rest upon similar to the model 23 glass shade holder.

Wall bracket used on model 1 through  most 4 lamps.  Note the ring is nonadjustable like the model 23 deluxe bracket.  The difference being the pattern stamped into the early ring.

Aladdin wall mount

This wall bracket likely was introduced at the end of the model 4 production run.

The pattern and latch style of Aladdin wall bracket mounting rings are usually the same as the mounting ring on the hanging lamps. A plain hanging ring with hidden expansion latch was introduced near the end of model 4 production.

This shade ring was used on model 1-4 hanging lamps that came with a style 203 dome shade.  It just slides down the harp and rests there.

Note the large head shade securing screws.  These screws are unique to this shade ring.   If you are missing one or more, the shade ring is tapped for a 10-24 screw size.



There is a gallery used on late Beacon burners that looks like an Aladdin model 5-6 gallery that is labeled "Model No. 4"  and has several patent dates.  Some people are mistaking this gallery for an Aladdin model 4 gallery. This gallery can be made to fit an Aladdin model 4 burner but is incorrect and will not burn properly.

Don't get fooled by this one

Aladdin 5/6 gallery left, late Beacon gallery right

Here is a side by side comparison of the Aladdin model 5/6 gallery and the late Beacon gallery.  Note the Beacon gallery is taller because of the taller base flange where the gallery locks to the burner.

Here is a comparison of the two galleries from the underside.  The Beacon burner is a side draft burner and has a circle of air holes that ring the outside of the mantle.  The circle of holes is a quick diagnostic to tell a late beacon gallery from an Aladdin model 5 or 6 gallery.

Don't be fooled by this one.

Aladdin gallery on left, Beacon gallery on right

Parts support:

Mantles: Production of Aladdin KoneKap mantles ceased in 2007. In 2012 Aladdin introduced an adapter that fits onto a model 3 through 11 gallery that allows the use of a Lox-On mantle with the earlier lamps.
Wick/Carrier:  Models 3, 5 and 6 mounted wicks can be used. Model 6 wicks were discontinued in 1955. 
Gallery: The model 3,5 and 6 galleries can be used.
Generator: Models 5 and 6 generators can be used
Burner: Model 3, 5 and 6 burners can be used. The thread diameter was changes starting in model 7.




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