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Sun Flame mantle lamps



Sun Flame wick adjuster knob
Sun Flame wick adjustment knob. 
The patent stamped on the knob was issued to Farmor Manufacturing Co.

Sunflame Ltd. was a division of Secony Mobil Oil Corp. During the late 1930's and 1940's they sold mantle lamps both domestically and for export. Sun Flame lamps were manufactured by Farmor Manufacturing Co. using the Farmor burner and the same glass mold as was used to make a the classic bell stem version of Farmor lamp.  Their mantle lamps were basically a Farmor classic bell stem lamp in white milk glass with a different wick adjuster knob.

According to Bill Gardner Mobile Oil exported these lamps to several countries, each with different model names. Those exported to Australia were branded Sunny model 505 lamps on the filler cap and the round brass wick adjustment knob had the front 2/3rds of the Mobile Oil Pegasus logo.

Between 1945 and 1948 Sun Flame sold a small flat wick lamp into China, they called their "Fu Manchu" lamp.  They sold one million of these lamps by 1948 when China fell to the communists and export was halted because the United States government halted export of products made from brass and aluminum to China.


Operating manual (pdf)

Sun Flame mantles (pdf)  Sun Flame sold mantles for their own lamp and for Aladdin lamps



Sun Flame table lamp

LEFT: Sun Flame lamp model 300


RIGHT: Chimney used with the Sun Flame lamp is a slip on ball chimney type that is 15 inches tall.  The base is 2-5/8 inches dia. and the top is 2 inches dia.

Sun Flame chimney

  Sun Flame lamp mantle
Sun Flame mantles are the same as Farmor mantles.


Sunny Model 505 mantle lamp sold in Australia

Farmor sold burners to Sunflame Ltd., a division of Secony Mobil Oil Corp. Secony exported the burners  to Australia where they were reworked to add a gallery lifter and a new wick riser knob. (according to Bill Keller JR, the burners were not modified by Farmor

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Sunny 505 wick adjustment knob
Sunny mantle lamp Sunny 505 mantle lamp
Sunny 505 mantle lamp Sunny 505 Mantle lamp
Sunny 505 mantle lamp



Fu Manchu lamp

Fu Manchu lamp

The "Fu Manchu" lamp was manufactured by Farmor Manufacturing Co. for Sun Flame. They sold this lamp in China between 1945 and 1948. Over one Million of these lamps were sold in China.  The lamp is designed to be a hand carry, wall mount and table or shelf lamp

The bottom of the lamp is labeled "Patent Pending, DIAMOND Made in U.S.A."

The lamp base and reflector is aluminum. The lamp holds 8 oz of kerosene.  Overall height of the lamp with chimney is 8-5/8th inches.

The chimney is 6-1/4 inches tall, 2 inch dia at base and 1-1/2 inch dia. at top.



Sun Flame Fu Manchu lamp
P&A burner used on Fu Manchu lamp

The "Fu Manchu" lamp uses a Plume & Atwood Eagle burner with a 3/8th inch wide flat wick.

P&A wick adjustment knob





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