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Aladdin UK model 14 table lamp (The Cottage model Super-Aladdin Lamp) (1930 -  1932? (possibly through 1934 or 1938))


Aladdin Lamp model 1200


This lamp is misidentified in J.W. Courter's book Aladdin the Magic Names in lamps labeled as being from Argentina.  According to Bill, the identification was tentatively made from a line drawing of a similar appearing table lamp in an Argentine sales brochure.  There is a picture of the Argentina lamp on this page.

This lamp was made in the UK during the 1930's and sold domestically as "The Cottage model Super-Aladdin Lamp".  It was offered with or without a sewn panel Whipolite shade.  I currently have no idea if this is a forerunner of the common model 14 table font or if both versions were sold concurrently.  I am searching for additional information to better date this lamp.

This brass lamp came in a version with radial ribs on the bottom of the tank and a version without radial ribs.  The two versions appear to be identical except for the ribbing.  I currently believe that the version without the ribbing is the earlier version introduced in 1932.  While most identified survivors of this model are nickel plated a antiqued brass finish lamp was also offered.

I have yet to see any Aladdin catalogues positively showing this lamp. To date I have only found a single magazine advertisement.  So its years of production is still unclear. All I know doe sure is that some of these lamps have the 1932 Super-Aladdin burner and versions came with the more common later model 14 burner.

Aladdin mystery lamp


Aladdin Lamp wick adjuster
1938 to 1953 Super Aladdin burner knob

Most of the lamps I am aware of , both with and without stiffening rays at the bottom of the lamp bowl came with the common model 14, Super Aladdin burner.   The lamp shown top right of this page has the earlier 1932 Super Aladdin burner.  It is unknown if this is the original burner for this lamp.

Assuming the burners to be original to the lamps, it can be postulated that the lamp was in production between 1932 and at least 1938.

Aladdin model 14 wick adjuster knob
1932 Super Aladdin burner knob


Aladdin Lamp from Argentina


This Aladdin table lamp is a little known lamp that has been poorly documented. So far all examples are or have been either nickel plated or antiqued brass finish. While the lamp appears to have been only offered in the UK, it is possible that these lamps were also offered by Aladdin France.


Model 1200 Aladdin table lamp from Argentina is often confused with the lamp on the left because it was often shown in advertisements as a line drawing

Argintena Aladdin 1200 lamp
Aladdin lamp bottom

Bottom view of the two versions of the lamp.

Aladdin mystery lamp bottom

Below: antiqued brass finish Aladdin model 14 Cottage lamp

Aladdin model 14 cottage lamp
Photos by Adrian Booker

Aladdin model 14 Cottage Lamp


Super Aladdin advertisement



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