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Aladdin Model 3 Lamps Sold from January 1911 through August 1912

Aladdin Model 3

The Aladdin model 3 had a number of changes to make the lamp easier to set up and use which made it clearly superior to its competition.  This, along with excellent aggressive marketing enabled Aladdin to dominate the kerosene lighting industry and forced several competing brands out of business.

Aladdin patented the Kone Kap mantel, a new gallery and flame spreader. They now were able to make their own mantles to their own specifications.

The new Kone Kap mantle combined both the mantle holder and the cone that has previously been part of the gallery. Placement of the mantle in relation to the flame is more precise with the new mantel. The lamp became more stable and required less fidgeting to keep burning properly.

The new Kone Kap mantle and gallery were introduced during late model 2 production as were the thread insert in the lamp bowl and stiffening rays at the bottom of the bowl.  The model 3 improvements included a better way to raise and lower the wick, coarser burner threads making it harder to cross thread the burner and shorter slots in the burner side to make it more resistant to breaking when removing a burner that is on tight.  the model 3 bowl got a thicker chime.  The bottom skirt on the font lamp was modified to be stronger and to let in more air flow. A student lamp was introduced as well as a narrow frame hanging lamp.

Aladdin lamp model 3


Table - Finish: lacquer covered Polished brass or Nickel plated
Font (Wall mount, hanging with shade, hanging without shade NOTE: Very late versions may have been sold with the new model 4 hangers and wall mounts) - Finish: lacquer covered polished brass or Nickel plated
Parlor - Finish: Old English or Jap bronze
Oil pot - Finish: lacquer covered polished brass


Bug screen: None
wick cleaner: None
Shade ring: Parlor - generic P&A with shade ring. Others - generic P&A 3 arm, rectangular cross section or model 6 type
Shades: table - 201 (white opal), hanging - 203 (white opal dome), Parlor - 201 or 204 shade.


Patent covering the model 3 generator and new Kone-Kap mantle filed July 8, 1910 by Charles Hazor Smith, granted April 4, 1911.

Patent for the model 3 burner filed July 8, 1910 by Charles Hazor Smith, granted March 14, 1911

1911 Aladdin lamp catalogue pdf file

Aladdin model 3 burner

The model 3 burner is a completely new design.  The shortened slots added a lot of strength to the base.

Aladdin model 3 gallery

The model 3 gallery is the first to be designed under an Aladdin patent to fit the new Kone Kap mantle. Kone Kap mantles were used through model 11.

The model 3 and 4 galleries are the only ones that came with model numbers stamped on the side. There were two versions of the model 3 gallery that only vary in the stampings on the sides. The early gallery was stamped:"MODEL No. 3 PAT. USA MAR. 14, '11, APR. 4, '11" and 1/3rd away around the gallery: "CANADA JAN. 10, '11, BELGIUM SEPT. 1, '11" Then about 1/3rd around the gallery: FRANCE OCT. 28, '10 OTHER PATS PENDING" The later model 3 gallery just had: "MODEL No. 3" inside a box.

Aladdin model 3 flame spreader

The Aladdin model 3 flame spreader was designed under Aladdin's patent to work with the Kone Kap mantle. This design is unique to the model 3 and very late  model 2 lamps that were sold with a Kone-Kap gallery

Aladdin model 3 wick carrier

The model 3 wick carrier was the first to have a straight ratchet gear installed on the side. In a way the wick carrier body is a transition itself. The top part of the tube has the oval holes used as rack gears for the previous burners and the bottom has the large round holes used in the next version of the wick carrier.

This wick carrier was used on model 3 and most if not all model 4 lamps. Some have been found on early model 5 lamps.

The wick in the picture is a single woven layer. It is unreinforced and the ends are subject to unraveling.

Aladdin model 3 burner

There are 2 different versions of the model 3 burner base and 2 versions of the wick adjuster knob.  The early version has long slots like the model 1 and 2 burners. The later version of the burner base (illustrated) has the short slots like the model 4 and early 5. 

Many changes were made to create the model 3 burner. From the top down:

The top flange on the outer wick tube is formed and not a separate part. A distinct ridge has been added to the outer wick tube to anchor the air distributor.  The ridge helped the air distributor stay in place better. The air distributor is two piece and mounted convex.

The long slots in the side of the burner have been changed to two slots. This made the burner base more resistant to cracking from the twisting force used to install and remove the burner.

The wick adjuster has been centered side to side on the burner and gearing has been added.  This provided finer adjustment of the wick with less turning force on the knob. The wick adjuster knob is formed and no longer a stamped disk. A taper can be seen behind the formed knob where it joins the shaft.

The threads that mount the burner to the lamp font are coarser. The earlier fine thread was easy to cross thread.  The coarser thread  allowed the burner to go on easier and with less fuss.  This burner will not fit on earlier fonts without serious cross threading that will damage the font.

The late burner base (illustrated) and air distributor remains unchanged for models 4 and early 5 except for the wick adjuster knob.

Aladdin burner gear

This shows the changes in the wick adjustment gearing that was used on model 3 through 6 burners.

The rack gear on the wick holder came up through the rectangular hole on the underside of the burner and was held in place next to the burner's adjuster gear by the 'C' shaped channel.

Aladdin Model 3 air distributor

The air distributor is 2 piece with the side and outside edge flanges pointing downward. It is held in place by a tension fit between the ridge in the centre of the outer wick tube and the inside top of the burner base. This design is used in models 3, 4 and early 5 burners.

Aladdin model 3 burner

A complete Aladdin model three burner without the gallery. At a quick glance and without the flame spreader the lamp could look like a model 3, 4 or early 5.

Model 3 through 6 table fonts and 3 through early 5 burners are virtually identical and require close examination to identify them. Model 3 and 4 hanging fonts appear the same. The bottom skirt on the model 3 has 23 air holes. The model 4, 5 and 6 bottom skirts are identical with 18 air holes.

Aladdin model 3 font lamp base


Aladdin Model 3 font for hanging and wall lamps

This font has a 1-1/2 quart capacity  and a new bottom vent with 23 slots which is diagnostic for this font.  The model 4 font is identical except that the bottom skirt has 18 vent slots.   The model 5 1-1/2 quart font looks the same except that it has stiffening rays around the bottom skirt and 18 vent slots.

Aladdin mode 3 botttom skirt

Aladdin smokebell for models 1 through 6

Aladdin model 1 through 6 used a filler cap with a flower pattern on top. There were two varieties, vented, with a hole in the centre top and unvented.

Models 1 through early 5 lamps with slotted burners used the vented cap.  late model 5 and model 6 screen burners used the non vented type.

Note that parlor lamps used a completely different vented filler cap.

Aladdin lamp smoke bell

Smoke bell was used on all hanging lamps from model 1 through 6 except for the model 3 and 4 chandeliers.
NOTE: These have been reproduced in brass. The original Aladdin smoke bells are made from a non-magnetic nickel Iron alloy.

Wall bracket used on model 1 through 4 lamps.  Note the ring is nonadjustable like the model 23 deluxe bracket.  The difference being the pattern stamped into the early ring.

This shade ring was used on model 1-4 hanging lamps that came with a 203 shade.  It just slides down the harp and rests there.

Note the large head shade securing screws.  These screws are unique to this shade ring.   If you are missing one or more, the shade ring is tapped for a 10-24 screw size.


Aladdin model 3 hanging lamp

Style 192B Model 3 hanging lamp with dome shade style 203. Being the least expensive hanging lamp with a shade it is the most common style.

Aladdin model 3 ring latch Aladdin model 3 hanging ring

The pictures above show the latch used on the hanging lamp bottom ring for the model 2 through most of model 4.  The model 1 used a different latch and a different latch was introduced late in model 4 production. The Aladdin wall mounting brackets used the same pattern on the ring as the hanging lamps.


Aladdin Model 3 hanging lamp # 113

This hanger was available for both model 3 and model 4 lamps.  Finish  is old gold for the brass parts and ebony black on the cast iron parts.  It only came with the #205 shade as shown.  This lamp sold new for twice the price as the more common hanging store lamp.

The adjustable draft tube of a model 3 chandelier has 8 vent holes around the draft tube near the base, a visible vertical seam and 10 vent holes where the shade attaches. The model 4, 5, 6 and 23 (student lamp) draft tubes have 16 vent holes where the shade attaches plus 12 on the lower side of the tube and no visible seam.

Aladdin model 3 chanleir top
detail of top casting for model 3 & 4 chandelier


Aladdin model 4 chandelier casting
Mid casting used on the model 3 & 4 chandeliers


close up on Aladdin model 3 chandelier
Close up detail of the Aladdin model 3 & 4 chandelier.  Brass screw is wrong for the lamp.


screw used on Aladdin chandeliers

Correct screw used throughout the Aladdin models 3 & 4 chandeliers.


Bottom casting of Aladdin model 3 chandelier
Bottom casting used on the Aladdin models 3 & 4 chandelier.

Parts support:

Mantles: Production of Aladdin KoneKap mantles ceased in 2007. In 2012 Aladdin introduced an adapter that fits onto a model 3 through 11 gallery that allows the use of a Lox-On mantle with the earlier lamps.
Wick/Carrier:  Models 4, 5 and 6 mounted wicks can be used. Model 6 wicks were discontinued in 1955. 
Gallery: The model 4,5 and 6 galleries can be used.
Generator: Unique to model 3
Burner: Model 4, 5 and 6 burners can be used. The thread diameter was changes starting in model 7.





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