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Aladdin Lamps in Argentina Made from 1928 or 1929 through 1945



Aladdin model 12

In 1925 Aladdin established a subsidiary in Buenos Aires, Argentina to sell lamps into South America.  Presumably the first products sold were standard American model 11 lamps.

Model 12 lamps introduced into Argentina were standard American model 12 lamps with a relabeled wick adjuster knob and a reworked gallery that can also fit a heelless chimney.

The wick adjuster knob reads: "Aladino SA Industrial, Modelo 12 Aladino, Made in USA, Patentes Pendientes, Buenos Aires"

Sometime around 1933 or 1934 three side draft lamps were designed specifically for the Argentina market using their own unique fonts, wall bracket and hanger. These lamps used model 14 Super Aladdin burners imported from the UK. These lamps were manufactured locally. 

The model 1200 is a table lamp, model 1214 is a font lamp that used the footless font from the 1200 lamp and the 1100 which is a different design shelf & wall lamp. The founts were made of brass, the stem and foot of the table lamps were made of steel.

Pictures of the model 12 Buenos Aires fount lamp provided by Bernie Staggs.


"Aladino SA Industrial, Modelo 12 Aladino, Made in USA, Patentes Pendientes, Buenos Aires"


Aladdin model 12 gallery

Model 12 Buenos Aires


The model 12 gallery was modified to fit generic heelless chimneys and the wick adjuster knob was labeled for Aladdin Buenos Aires. this lamp appears to be a standard US model 12 font lamp.


Aladdin 1200 lamp
Photo courtesy of Diego Posse

Model 1200 Buenos Aires

The Aladdin Model 1200 is a little known lamp that has been poorly documented.

The quantity made is unknown but the lamp is very rarely encountered by collectors outside South America. According to the literature this lamp is usually found with a Model 14 Super Aladdin burner.

Aladdin model 1200 lamp
Photo courtesy of Diego Posse


Aladdin font lamp
Photo courtesy of Diego Posse

Aladdin model 1214 font lamp


Aladdin Argentina shelf lamp
Photo by Bill Courter

Figure 334 on page 170 of the revised edition of Aladdin the Magic Name in Lamps shows a spherical shelf lamp in the background of the picture. The picture is the cover of an undated Aladdin Buenos Aires advertising brochure.

This lamp is believed to be the lamp type in the picture. It appears to be a combination shelf and wall mount lamp.

The model B burner suggests that this lamp was made during WWII when the shipments of model 14 burners were cut off by the German blockade.






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