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Aladdin Model 8 lamps

Sold in US from August 1919 through August 1920
Sold in UK from 1919 through 1922
Not sold into Canada. The model 6 continued to be offered to the Canadian market


aladdin lamp model 8


The Aladdin model 8 lamp is basically an expensive marketing upgrade of the model 7.

The model 8 received a new wick raiser and new mini size wick carrier, and a completely retooled bowl top. Otherwise it was identical to the model 7 table and hanging lamps. The retooled bowl top moved the fill cap higher and allowed more kerosene to be added.

Aladdin invested a great deal of money tooling the all new model 7 lamp. Two years later, they spent more money creating an entirely new forming tool for the model 8 font top section. Then they discontinued the bowl design 13 months later.

I believe there is more to the story than just a planned model change to a completely different model 9 lamp.

Possibilities that come to mind include that Aladdin may have had the bowl tooling made on the cheap and the tooling just did not stand up over use.

Aladdin model 8 font lamp

Aladdin Lamp mode 8 knob
U.S, Model 8


UK model 8

Another possibility could be that consumer tastes changed quickly and suddenly nothing with a Nouveau like style would sell. Perhaps the model 8 was a fashion victim.  Or it could be that the model 7/8 lamp design was just too expensive to build and Aladdin decided they could not sell enough lamps at a higher price point and needed to retool for a cheaper to make lamp for either margin or price point reasons.  Whatever the reason Aladdin only got 37 months use out of the model 7 bowl tooling. As a comparison Aladdin got 106 months total use out of the model 3 table lamp bowl tooling, 109 months use out of the model 9 table lamp bowl tooling and 84 months use out of the model 12 bowl tooling.  If the model 7/8 lamp bowl tooling was of any quality they had to be the most expensive that Aladdin ever used. I suspect this qualified as a financial disaster for the Mantle Lamp Company. The reason for discontinuing the model 7/8 design is worth researching..


Table - Finish: Satin brass
Font - (Wall mount & hanging,) - Finish: Satin brass
Transition (very early lamps) - None I have identified


Bug screen: Early style bug screen
wick cleaner: 3 prong style, Aladdin name is underlined writing
Shade ring: Under burner shade ring same as model 7. Satin brass finish with arms spaced for 8-3/4" dia glass shade
Shades: table - 401, hanging - 416
Chimney: Heelless globe type (rounded bulge near base), crest logo

Aladdin model 8 hanging lamp
The model 8 uses the same hanger and shade as does the model 7

Alaadin Lamp model 8 burner

The model 8 burner is basically the same as the model 7 burner with the introduction of a new wick riser and a mini wick holder. There were slight changes to the inner wick tube mounting for additional strength. Otherwise the burners were identical except for the number.

Aladdin lamp wick adjster

The model 8 saw the introduction of the wick adjuster. The unreinforced wick still needed a carrier but it was reduced in size and cost. The wick adjuster was inserted from the bottom and mated to a pair of button snaps on the new mini wick carrier. This design was used as is through the first year of model 9 production until the reinforced wick was introduced with the model 10 and second year of model 9 production. At that time the wick carrier disappeared for good. This wick raiser was in production through the end of model 11.

Aladdin lamp model 8 generator

The model 8 generator has the same construction as the model 7 through model 11.

Aladdin lamp gallerys
Model 7/8 gallery on left,
Model 9/10/11 gallery on right

The model 7 gallery design was carried over to the model 8 unchanged. At the end of model 8 production model 8 galleries in the factory were nickel plated and used up on early model 9 lamps. Do not assume all nickel plated galleries are the model 9 and later version.

The model 7 and 8 font lamps were only available with the glass shade included and with 1-1/2 quarts of kerosene were a lot heavier than the model 6 and earlier lamps. The model 8 wall bracket is a heavy duty cast iron bracket that was brass plated.

The model 8 is brass plated cast iron.  It is a lot stronger than the original model 7 wall mount.


The model 8 is the first to use the #3 ceiling hanger.

This hanger is easy to recognize because it is brass plated and is the only version of the #3 hanger to use the same crossbar as the #2 hanger . 
All later versions of the #3 hanger used a stamped steel crossbar.




The Aladdin model 8 lamp had an entirely different bowl top than the model 7 as can be seen in this side by side picture.

Both lamps share the same foot and lower bowl tooling and have the same height at the chime. The model 7 on the right has a taller bowl top making the model 7 slightly taller than the model 8. This picture also shows the different oil filler mounting positions that is a quick diagnostic for telling the two lamps apart.

What most people do not notice is that the pattern on the new model 8 bowl top, while similar is different from the model 7 bowl top pattern.

Aladdin Lamp model 8 Aladdin lamp model 8 edge

The petal pattern around the burner has a double side edge on the model 7 (left) and a single edge on the model 8 (right). Also the outer rim pattern is different just above the chimes. The model 8 pattern (left) is smaller than the model 7 pattern (right) and has space between the parts of the pattern. The model 7 edge pattern has the balls right next to the rods with no spacing.

The model 8 top pattern is less busy and I suspect was less expensive to tool up than the model 7 bowl top.


There seems to be a common belief that the Aladdin model 7 and 8 lamps used a special finish that was different from other Aladdin lamps and very fragile. I've heard it from most collectors and dealers I have talked to since I first started collecting Aladdin lamps.  Of all the brass finish Aladdin lamps, people seem willing to pay a higher premium for an original factory finish on a 7 or 8 than for other early Aladdin brass lamps.  I'm told that this is because the finish is special.  It is time to bust this myth.  The finish is just plain clear lacquer applied over satin finish brass.  Plume & Atwood has been applying clear lacquer to brass finished lamps before Aladdin was founded and continued to do so.  To the best of my research all Aladdin brass finish lamps ever made were finished with a clear paint from model 1 up through model 23A.  The finish on the model 7 and 8 is no different from that of a model 5 or 6.  The only difference is that collectors are more careful with the finish on model 7 & 8 than the other models.

In the Aladdin sales lists the finish is listed as satin brass, same as the models 5 & 6 before them.  Below is a picture from a model 8 owners manual.  I typed the text below since readability isn't the best.

Pages 13 and 14 of the Aladdin model 8 instruction manual

From the manual page above:

Cleaning the lamp bowl
The Aladdin lamps are all lacquered and will retain their finish so long as the lacquer remains. To clean the Aladdin lamp use a soft cloth - do not use any alcohol or any lacquered or scouring material that will cut or dissolve the lacquer.  If the lamp becomes greasy use mild soap and water."

These are the same instructions you will find in the model 6, 5 and I presume earlier lamp manuals.  There is nothing special about the finish on the model 7 & 8 lamps.  The only thing special is the care taken by collectors and dealers to preserve it.  The old formula lacquers had a golden tone to it which deepens with age.  The lacquers used on Aladdin lamps for the last half century are clear with not colour tone to it.


Parts support and interchangeability:

Mantles: Production of Aladdin KoneKap mantles ceased in 2007. In 2012 Aladdin introduced an adapter that fits onto a model 3 through 11 gallery that allows the use of a Lox-On mantle with the earlier lamps.
Wick/Carrier:  Models 7, 9, 10 and 11 wicks can be used if you use the correct carrier for tat wick. Model 11 wicks were discontinued in 1955. 
Gallery: The model 7, 9, 10 and 11 galleries can be used.
Generator: Model 7, 9, 10, and 11 flame spreaders can be used. The model 11 flame spreader was discontinued in 1955.
Burner: Model 7, 9, 10, 11 and 12 burners can be used with this lamp





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